Wedding Style/Updo - Services

Wedding Style/Updo - $65 and up (one hour)

Our San Diego hair salon can create the perfect look for your wedding day.

A bridal style coincides with the headpiece that you have chosen for your special day. A practice run will be scheduled approximately one week before the event date. The fee for both the practice run and the wedding day will be collected at the practice run so that you will owe nothing on your wedding day. If you are receiving a make up service for your wedding, this is also collected in advance. If other bridal participants are receiving services, those will also be collected in advance. Bring your headpiece to the practice run if possible. Arrive on your wedding day with clean, dry hair, and we will apply the necessary product and proceed with the needed styling. Bring any clips, combs, or hair accesories with you on your wedding day. We have a small variety at the salon for you to choose from as well.


Other special events may not require a practice run. We will decide that together in advance.



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