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Keratin Smoothing Treatment - $350 (2 hours)

Enjoy professional keratin treatments at our San Diego hair salon!

This is NOT a chemical straightener. You will not lose your natural curl! 

It is keratin protein that is driven into the hair in a multi-step process. This is not a brazilian product that was removed from the market for it's formaldahyde content. This is a safe product made from sheeps wool keratin that removes frizz, not curl.

Rubies Hair Studio is certified to give this service and uses the highest quality keratin smoother. The treatment removes frizz for up to 6 months! You can wear your hair curly or you can pass a flat iron over the hair once/twice and the hair will smooth out. You can also blow dry your hair with a round brush and the hair will smooth immediately. This is NOT the same product that salons are dropping their fees for and competing for the lowest price service to give you.   Don't coupon shop for this treatment. If you want excellence, call us for an appointment. We'll take care of you. We will GIVE you the take home products you need when your service is completed. These products are included in the price of your treatment.


Call our San Diego hair salon in Mission Hills to schedule an appointment or a consultation.  We specialize in keratin treatments, hair color and highlights, airbrush makeup, men's and women's haircuts and styles, and more.  Our salon prices are competitive and our hair stylists have the years of experience and training needed to create any haircut or style!  Discover one of San Diego's best hair salons!



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