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Full Wave - $110 and up

Our San Diego hair salon cannot emphasize the need for body in certain styles!  Many times clients choose a cut that looks great when a pro has finished styling it. But what happens when they get home? 

Consider a body wave perm. The technology behind the products that give a "permanent" wave or curl to the hair has improved drastically, and there is no reason to skip this service.  I am happy to sit down with you and discuss the process. 

Since the disappearance of "perms," people are having a hard time styling their own hair! This is not to say that everyone needs a perm. But even if you want a style that looks smooth, if you want body, and don't have it naturally, the style will be hard to accomplish without this service. Product helps, yes. But only to a certain extent. If your hair should not be chemically waved, I will tell you. But if your hair is limp and you want body...this is the logical next step. Or, if you just want a change to the wash and wear world, this is your answer! 

Our San Diego hair salon loves doing perms!



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