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Two Step Color - $140 and up (($180 and up for long hair))

Our San Diego hair salon knows hair color!  Sometimes highlights need to be lifted many levels and then toned to a specific color to achieve maximum beautivity! (Yes, I just made up a word for bleached and toned hair!)  It can get technical, but going blonde is sometimes easy and other times it isn't. Sometimes it takes a little more power behind the lightener and that means bleach. Now, don't be afraid of bleach, it is a tool like any other and has it's place. When hair needs to be lightened over a certain number of levels, a high lift blonde can not take it there without brassiness. So that's where a bleach, or lightener comes in. But bleach is not a color. It is a color remover. So once I have removed the appropriate number of levels, sometimes to pre-tinted hair, then a toner, which contains the target color is applied. Sound complicated? It's usually not. It just means that some hair needs more help to get to the desired lighter shade, and then a beautiful tone is put over the pre-lightened hair.  Hair that has been tinted all over with permanent color cannot be lightened by another tint. That's like using a black marker on piece of white paper and then drawing over that with yellow marker to make it lighter. It doesn't work like that. Leave it to our San Diego hair salon---we'll create a delicious new color for you.



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