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Shades EQ/Semi-Permanent Color - $65 and up

Our San Diego hair salon offers semi-permanent hair colors that are a great, refreshing way to boost any hair color or change temporarily. These colors add shine, volume and body, without the use of peroxide. No peroxide means it will not be able to lighten your hair, however.  And clear gloss, the same but with an absence of color pigment molecules, is an excellent way to drive shine and volume into the hair with no permanent effect. No re-growth, or line of demarkation will occur, as none of your own hair color is replaced by the semi-perm color. You can add red, brown, black, gold...almost any deposit only shade you can imagine, or clear, which is like putting a clear polish on your nails to protect and shine. This is a conditioning color which makes it easier to comb through your wet hair for up to six weeks. Does not cover gray.


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