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Corrective Color - Price quoted on consultation.

Our San Diego hair salon understands hair color!  Either you have gone to a salon and walk out with who knows what going on with your hair color, or your hair needs multiple services to bring continuity and reach a desired shade. Sometimes you think all you need is an all over hair color, but just applying your target shade over bands of previous colors will not work.  All of a sudden, you find out you are in the "Correction Zone."  Stylists do not always look forward to this, because the desired result is not easy to reach, if at all.  Our San Diego hair salon will consult with you and be honest about how close we can come to what you are wanting. But truthfully, with color correction, usually we try to get as close as we can without being married to a specific result. Typically, with a color nightmare, a vast improvement is the desired result, not a specific tone or shade. And the integrity, or condition of the hair can be compromised depending on how damaged it is to start with or how much lightening needs to be done. Long story longer, this is not an exact science. After all, hair is only held together with a certain amount of components. Damage those, and target colors cannot be reached. Hair must be cut in most cases to remove as much of the problem as possible. The bottom line is that it can be expensive, and not perfect at first. Sometimes it's a process that can take months to correct, sometimes it's corrected the very first day. Our San Diego hair salon will give you the honest truth and we'll take it from there. The moral of this story is: Go to a pro for color in the first place ~  and ~  beer prices don't equal champagne results. Often, what starts out as a bargain, ends up costing 10 times more to fix.



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