San Diego Hair Color Q & A

Does the brand of hair color make a difference in the quality and life of your hair color?

There is definitely a difference in quality when it comes to hair color.  No one knows this better than our color experts at Atelier Hair Salon in San Diego.

Many people ask what is the difference between salon hair color and home hair color that you purchase in a box?   One of the main differences is that with professional salon hair color there is a great flexibility of mixing together different colors to create the perfect custom hair color for each individual client.   With professional hair color you can get exactly the shade you want.  With home hair color in a box, you are limited to a small range of colors.  Your stylist can also use a different strength of hair color developer, too, which is advantageous when you need to lighten your hair several levels.   Salon hair color will also not fade as fast as home hair color.  Your stylist can use a product to control the porosity of your hair, allowing your hair color to take better and last longer.

A major drawback of using boxed hair color at home instead of a professional hair color at a salon is that the majority of boxed hair color brands contain large amounts of metallic dyes and other chemicals that can be very damaging to your hair and that, over time, can fade to very odd colors.   Professional salon hair color, such as the Keune and Goldwell hair color lines that we use in our San Diego hair salon, offer optimum results that are gentle to your hair and that are resistant to fading.   

At Atelier, we have years of experience working with the best hair color lines in the industry.  Make an appointment for a hair color consultation, and we can help you choose the hair color that is right for you.


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